Friday Links

Friday Links
Wow, another week has gone speeding past. This has been a crazy week for news – we had the Ipad launch (a post coming on that very soon!) and the new Iphone OS announcement yesterday.. I can’t quite keep up with Apple’s plans for world domination.

As always, each Friday, I round up some of the best and most interesting links that I have been reading this week! Here goes;

- This video has been going viral, but for those who missed it – A 2.5 Year Old Uses the Ipad For The First Time – a really interesting UX experiment

- A collection of Photoshop cheat and reference cards

- 35 Free Fonts to add to your collection!

- Should Wireframes always be a first-step deliverable for clients? A really interesting read

- A nice little article discussing What Not to Neglect on Your Blog

- The Graphic Design Resume Guide

- As we are now in April, this week I checked out this article that I bookmarked way back in February to see how we are doing – What to Expect in 2010: UX Design Simplicity

Aaaaand thats it for this week. Hope you enjoy those links, and have a great, productive weekend!

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